Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro

Montenegrin Centrist Movement Tops Parliamentary Poll after Taking Presidency

Leader of Europe Now movement Milojko Spajic talks to media after casting his ballot in Podgorica, Montenegro. Photo: EPA-EFE/BORIS PEJOVIC

The result confirmed Europe Now's dominance after it took power in the capital, Podgorica, and another town in October last year and its deputy leader, Jakov Milatovic, beat incumbent Milo Djukanovic in April's presidential election.

Montenegro Elections Could End Three Years of Political Turmoil

Electoral campaign billboards in Montenegrin capital Podgorica. Photo: BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

Since then the small Adriatic country has endured almost constant political turbulence and two governments have been ousted.

Podgorica-based University professor Predrag Zenovic said there are expectations that the elections could herald an end to the turmoil.

Montenegrin Parties Revamp Political Scene Ahead of Elections

Democratic Front MPs at a Montenegrin parliament session in Podgorica. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

They said on Saturday that pro-Serbian politicians Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic's New Serbian Democracy and Democratic People's Party will go to polls as a coalition, while Nebojsa Medojevic's Movement for Changes will compete on its own.

Djukanovic’s Ousting Shows ‘Language of Division’ No Longer Works in Montenegro

In the second round of the election, preliminary results put Milatovic far ahead on 60 per cent of the counted votes while Djukanovic won 40 per cent.

Milatovic had the support of the ruling majority parties, while Djukanovic was supported by the smaller opposition Bosniak Party and two ethnic Albanian parties.

And now goodbye...

It is the first definitive electoral personal defeat of Djukanovi since his entry into state politics in February 1991.
Djukanovi was defeated in the first round of the presidential elections in 1997, but emerged as winner in the second.
Djukanovi received the unanimous support of the DPS Main Board for this new candidacy at the session held on February 24.

Milatović - the new president of Montenegro; Podgorica celebrates VIDEO

Latest data; CeMi: Milatovi won 60 percent of the vote
According to the Centre for Monitoring and Research (CEMI), which published its preliminary results of the run-off presidential election in Montenegro, the candidate of the "Europe Now!" movement, Jakov Milatovic, won 60 percent of the vote based on 98 percent of the votes processed so far.