Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria

Bulgaria: Kiril Petkov and 4 other Politicians are Guarded by Security due to Threats from Russian Services

The National Security Service (NSS) has provided security for five high-ranking Bulgarian politicians, BNR reported.

The reason - threats made by foreign services. According to the BNR sources, the threats are from Russian services and those connected to Russia.

"Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria": We will make every Possible Effort to broadcast a Regular Cabinet

"The national leadership of 'Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria' (DSB) reaffirms its decision to support the PP-DB candidate for Prime Minister - Academician Nikolay Denkov. We believe that there is no change in the political analysis that led to our support for him and the management formula that was achieved.

The Three parties in Democratic Bulgaria Support the Coalition Agreement

The three parties in the Democratic Bulgaria coalition - Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria, Green Movement and Yes, Bulgaria - will support the coalition agreement and the draft government.

BSP and "There Is Such a People" are yet to rule on the proposed parameters.

With Almost 100% Processed Protocols: Democratic Bulgaria Won the Vote Abroad

They earn 6,918 actual votes, reported NOVA TV. 

With 99.48% processed protocols outside the country, 28.75% of all votes are won by Coalition Democratic Bulgaria / Yes, Bulgaria and Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB) /. They earn 6,918 actual votes.

Second is PP GERB, which gains 22.16%, or 5 333 votes for Bulgarians who have voted abroad.

UDF, DSB, ABV and "Movement 21" Will Be Out from Their Headquarters in Sofia

The Regional Administration of Sofia will send official notices to the political leadership of the Union for Democratic Forces (UDF), Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB), "Movement 21" and ABV demanding to leave the government buildings that inhabit against preferential rent.

Court OKs Registration of Yes, Bulgaria Party

The Sofia City Court on Monday has approved the application of former Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov's organization, Yes, Bulgaria, which seeks registration as a political party.

Yes, Bulgaria, founded upon an anti-corruption platform earlier in January, asserts it has collected some 3000 signatures, a number meeting the threshold required.