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Taliban seize UN bases; Biden scheduled an urgent address

However, the U.S. President has not yet decided whether the withdrawal of the international forces will be prolonged due to the evacuation from the Kabul airport.
Biden is expected to make that decision in the next 24 hours. In Great Britain, however, they doubt that the evacuation will be completed by the set deadline.

"No solution in Geneva"

Milan Krsti from the Faculty of Political Sciences made this statement, adding that one should not expect that in today's talks between the two leaders in Geneva, the burning issues in the relations between the two countries will be resolved.

Biden Gave Boris Johnson Bicycle as Present and Received Framed Photo

US President Joe Biden presented a bicycle to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Associated Press reported.

The White House said Biden had given the prime minister "an American-made bicycle and a bicycle helmet made to order by Bilenki Cycle Works, a small family business in Philadelphia." Biden is a native of Pennsylvania.

US warning: Biden is considering all options, including a possible military response?

U.S. administration officials have announced that they will strengthen the resistance and intensify the pressure on cyber attackers, whether it is about companies or enemies from abroad.
They also warned that U.S. President Joseph Biden was considering all options, including a military response.