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New American threat - there is no place for Serbia's balanced approach

This policy of balance will be the backbone of the new Serbian government, the formation of which will follow in the coming months, although especially from the western centers of power come covert but also open blackmail that our investments and access to money and European funds are endangered, but also to prepare for the potential attacks on Kosovo and Republika Srpska, if we do not turn our

Biden and Johnson: There is still Hope for a Diplomatic Solution in Ukraine

The leaders of the United States and Britain have said there is still hope for a diplomatic solution to the crisis with Ukraine. However, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson warned that the situation remained unpredictable.

 Americans are Advised to leave Belarus and Moldova

One step away from war? "Flee the country, if the Russians strike, I won't send army"

U.S. President Joe Biden said he would not send troops to save Americans fleeing the country if Russia attacked.
Biden told NBC News that things could quickly spiral out of control, Reuters reports.
The U.S. State Department previously called on Americans in Ukraine to leave the country immediately due to, as they claim, "increased threats from Russia's military action".