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Sen. Van Hollen: Expect stricter attitude toward Ankara

US Senator Chris Van Hollen has told Kathimerini that a Biden-led administration will help restore damaged transatlantic ties, adding that Athens and Nicosia should expect a stricter attitude toward Ankara.

Here are the full quotes by Van Hollen, who served as a member of the House of Representatives for 14 years before being elected senator in 2016.

Former ambassador Burns endorses Natalia Linos for Congress

Former US Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns, who also served as American ambassador to Athens, has announced his endorsement of Greek-American scientist Natalia Linos in her bid to represent Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District, her campaign said.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Linos is currently executive director of Harvard University's FXB Center for Health and Human Rights.

Statues and estates

With the exception of the statue of the former American president Harry Truman in downtown Athens that has been toppled, splashed with paint and firebombed, Greece has not witnessed, at least in recent years, any attempts to "erase" history by means of vandalism.

America’s number one Philhellene

One of the most brilliant US Senators of the last half-century, Paul Sarbanes spent over three decades advocating steadfastly for Hellenic and Orthodox issues and setting the standard for the Congressional ideal.  When he approached retirement from the Senate in 2006, we posed the question, "What will we do for our issues when you are gone?"  He answered, "Make sure Bob Menendez is elected to t

In pursuit of the truly public service

John F. Kennedy's inaugural speech was a call for commitment and responsibility: "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." It doesn't matter whether "your country" is a nation-state or a colony or a dependency: "Country" means people living together with as much agreement and sense of common interest as possible.

Biden’s candidacy for US president positive for Greece, Cyprus

Former US vice president Joe Biden is already leading by a wide margin over other contenders for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidency. National opinion polls carried out in recent days, after the announcement of his candidacy, show him with around 40 percent support, making Biden the current favorite. All other candidates are lagging considerably.