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Gallup International Survey: Most of the Bulgarians Think that “This Country Has Gone to the Dogs”

Three quarters of the Bulgarians agree with the phrase "This country has gone to the dogs", a survey of Gallup International about the popular clichés in Bulgaria shows. Over 70% of the respondents say that the transition period has not ended. 42% of the Bulgarians share the opinion that "the situation in Bulgaria will never improve".

Intellectuals Condemn Bulgaria’s ‘Unacceptable’ Demands of North Macedonia

Historians, political science experts, clerics, journalists, sociologists, economists and other prominent intellectuals from Bulgaria and North Macedonia have expressed "disappointment and deep concern" about the document issued by the Bulgarian government listing its various demands of North Macedonia.

Northern Macedonia is Expected to Receive the Green Light to Begin EU Accession Talks

Next week, Northern Macedonia is expected to receive the green light to begin EU accession talks. This can only be done if all Member States agree. The government is about to discuss the Enlargement Package, which covers all of our country's conditions for northern Macedonia.

An Electronic Labor Exchange Platform Will Start Operating on the European Labor Day

The European Labor Day will be celebrated in Bulgaria with an electronic labor exchange in Sofia, organized by the Employment Agency. It will be opened by Zornitsa Rusinova, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy.

Without the need for on-site presence, the online job market will enable jobseekers and employers across Europe to communicate for free.

624 Million Euro Were Transferred into the Country from Bulgarians Abroad for just the First Half of the Year

According to Bulgarian National Bank data, 624 million euro has been transferred to Bulgaria from Bulgarians living and working abroad in the period from the beginning of the year until 30 June, 2019, BNR reported.   The biggest sums have been transferred from Germany, USA and Spain. In some households the money transfers from abroad are for no less than 1,200 euro a year.

Gallup Survey: Half of the Bulgarians Think that the State Is to Blame for Their Problems

About half of the Bulgarians believe that the state is to blame for their problems. This way of thinking is more common among the older people, while the younger ones blame themselves for their personal problems more. The data is from a Gallup International survey, part of a sociological agency's monthly research program.