IT Boom Gives Romania’s ‘Dust-Clad’ Iasi a Shine

Iasi in the northeast, the ugly sister among Romania's big cities, seemed to buck the trend. 

But today this once neglected city is changing fast, from a run-down post-industrial centre into a regional hub for IT, attracting international companies and global giants such as Amazon, Oracle and the research division of the German automotive manufacturer Continental. 

Zero tolerance

It's like a chain reaction. Footage and reports of clashes between riot police and migrants on Lesvos fuel the existing frustration. They also promote conspiracy theories while exacerbating deeply rooted phobias in the local population. 

European Asylum Support Office bolsters presence in Greece

Alternate Minister for Migration Policy Giorgos Koumoutsakos and the executive director of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO), Nina Gregori, on Tuesday signed an agreement paving the way for the agency to acquire a branch in Greece as part of its efforts to bolster support for the country as it struggles to manage rising numbers of refugees and migrants.

30% of the Households in Bulgaria Face Difficulties in Paying Utility Bills on Time

Improving the living conditions of its people and fighting poverty and social exclusion is a central part of European Union policies. Nevertheless, there are still households in the EU that have difficulties in making ends meet. In 2018, almost 7% of households had been unable to pay utility bills (heating, electricity, gas, water, etc.) on time, due to financial difficulties.