How Piraeus will become the largest transportation hub in Greece

In July, if everything goes smoothly, the tram will start operating in Piraeus. The project, which has faced a number of obstacles, most recently with the delay of the works in the Faliriko Delta, in which it got "stuck" more than a year ago and the dilapidated listed building on Homeridos Skylitsis street, enters the final stretch.

Big powers vie for Greece’s ports

Russia's state-of-the art frigate Admiral Kasatonov sailed into the port of Piraeus last week along with a number of escort vessels for a working visit, according to a statement by the Russian Embassy on social media. The Russian frigate docked at a Greek port that is controlled by a Chinese state company, just 5 nautical miles from a Greek naval base.

Charting the great migrations of people

The 100 Memories research program of the National Hellenic Research Foundation marks the 100th anniversary of the largest refugee movement in Greek history with the arrival and settlement of some one million refugees from Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) to Greece. The project charts arrivals and departures to and from the country, focusing on four Greek cities-ports.