Owners of arms-carrying ship stopped off Crete deny wrongdoing

A representative of the shipping firm that owns the Tanzania-flagged Andromeda, which was stopped on Sunday by the Greek coast guard, leading to the discovery of 29 containers full of explosives and detonators on board, said on Thursday that there was nothing illegal about the shipment.

Greek authorities seize Libya-bound ship carrying explosives

Greek authorities have seized a Tanzanian-flagged ship heading for Libya and carrying materials used to make explosives, the coastguard said on Wednesday.

The vessel was detected sailing near the Greek island of Crete on Saturday. Authorities found 29 containers carrying materials including ammonium nitrate, non-electric detonators and 11 empty liquefied petroleum gas tanks.

Explosive device found outside Turkish cultural centre in Brussels (photos)

Belgian police found and neutralized a potential explosive device in a bag left outside an office used by a Turkish cultural association in Brussels on Friday.
Police were called after a plastic bag was left in front of the building at around 2.30 p.m. (Greek time).

Unexploded bomb found outside northern Athens apartment block

A large explosive device was found outside an apartment block in Metamorphosi, northern Athens, on Friday before it went off.

Explosives had been placed in a 30-liter container, which also contained three detonators, according to police who are examining the bomb for clues.

Officers did not provide further details about the potential victim or motives for the attack.