Igor Juric: "I want to warn parents from Uzice and Pozega ..." VIDEO

"M. C. who raped a minor in 2006 is at large again. What we received as confidential information is that he is a very aggressive person, with a low threshold of tolerance and with highly deviant sexual behavior. So, I want to warn parents from Uzice and Pozega, because he is moving in that territory, not to leave the children alone in the late evening", Juric said, reports Rina.

Investigation of BAS: 81% of Bulgarians - Pure Materialists

81% of Bulgarians are fully focused on the achievement of tangible goods and this is becoming a major priority for them. On the other hand, 56.9% of the people in the country wouldn't break the law for nothing in the world, even if they have material or other benefit, a reporter told BGNES.

Teachers, Medical Professionals and Journalists are the most Harassed in the Workplace

The most stress and harassment in the workplace is among the teachers, followed by medical specialists and journalists. The data was announced by the chair of the Syndicate of Bulgarian Teachers Yanka Takeva at a conference on the subject. According to trade unionists, it is necessary to create a Law on Workplace Violence.

American School of Classical Studies investigating deviant burials at Faliro

In sociology, deviant behavior can be either malum in se, meaning wrong in itself, or malum prohibita, wrong because it is prohibited. The term deviant is also used to define the mystery of an ancient necropolis unearthed at the Phaleron (present-day Faliro) Delta, where classical archaeology has called on the help of CSI-style archaeologists from the Malcolm H.