Porcelain works reflect on ‘Habitat’ exhibition

As an artist, Melis Buyruk uses her material very meticulously and effectively. Her works are a proof of real detailed works full of mastership. However, not only her way of using material is a great detail about her art, but also her way of thinking about nature, life and all living organisms is such a gift for the viewer.

Greece Launches a Campaign against Plastic Pollution - No Single-Use Plastics by June 2020

Greece has announced a campaign against plastic pollution and promised to end the use of single-use plastics by June 2020, AFP reported.

"39 tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea in Greece (every day) and a lot of it turns into fish food," Environment Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said at a press conference.

"The fight against plastic pollution is a government priority."

10 Million Tonnes of Recycled Plastic Will Be Used for the Production of New Products by 2025

More than 100 public and private sector partners operating throughout the plastic value chain will sign the Alliance's Declaration on the Circular Use of Plastics (Circular Plastics Alliance), which promotes voluntary action to support a well-functioning EU recycled plastics market .

Interesting Objects to Brighten Up Your Home Decor

The world we live in is becoming ever more complex, and some would say increasingly divisive, so sometimes, it's nice to come home, relax, and forget about the stresses of the modern world. That's why it's important to have a home you love, one that really feels like home and has your personality stamped across it.

New Type of Pollution: Plastic Waste Is Already Incrusting in the Rocks

Scientists have identified a new type of plastic pollution in the sea - melted and incrusted in rock waste, Associated Press reported.

The phenomenon is noticed near Madeira in 2016. The now polluted area has increased and plastic stains are more. They are mostly blue and gray and in different sizes. Scientists called them "plastic crust".