Migratory birds battered by strong winds in Greece

Strong winds this week and low temperatures earlier this week caused the death of thousands of migratory birds including swallows and swifts passing through Greece on their way from Africa to Europe, Agence-France Presse (AFP) reported on Thursday.

"It's a major disaster," Maria Ganoti of the wildlife protection group Anima told the AFP.

As many as 170 bird species seen at Vacaresti Park; lesser black-backed gull, latest to be observed

As many as 170 species of birds have been observed so far in the Vacaresti Natural Park (PNV), with the lesser black-backed gull being the latest to be spotted there. "We have just reached 170 species of birds observed in the park.

Cranes migrating ‘feel safe’ amid Anatolian reed

Anatolian folk songs have always been about longing, despair and love, likening cranes on migration to people harboring these sentiments. Cranes in the past few years have sought safety in the reeds and skies of Anatolia, with many of them not migrating this year, but preferring to stay in the Ekşisu Reed in the eastern province of Erzincan.

Pakistan: Migratory birds find new destination

Pakistan's warm waters have long been a refuge for millions of birds that migrate from Siberia to avoid the stinging winter every year. However, the numbers of migratory birds have fallen drastically in recent years due to massive hunting by hunters both local and foreign. But the poor birds have found a new wetland — safe from the fear of hunting — at least for now.