Direct democracy

The Bulgarian Socialist Party collected over 200,000 Signature for its Referendum against “Gender Ideology”

An initiative committee, which started a petition to call a referendum against "gender ideology" and was supported by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), managed to collect a little over 208,000 signatures for the three-month period it had (it expired on July 26).

Bulgaria’s Parliament could delay the Referendum on the Euro by more than a year

The Bulgarian Parliament may postpone the referendum on the euro initiated by "Vazrazhdane" for more than a year. This became clear from the words of Professor Nataliya Kiselova to Nova TV. The deadline for parliament to decide on this referendum expires on Friday.

Total Victory for Macron's unpopular Pension Reform

French President Emmanuel Macron's highly unpopular pension law passed another hurdle after the Constitutional Council rejected the opposition's second proposal to hold a referendum to limit the retirement age to 62, Reuters reported.

Macron has defied fierce union opposition and weeks of sometimes violent protests against his plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Bulgaria’s Parliament will violate the Constitution if it Allows a Referendum on the Euro

The referendum, which was initiated by the pro-Russian party "Vazrazhdane" to postpone the adoption of the euro, cannot be held legally, if we speak in the field of law. Prof. Hristo Hristev, professor of EU law, stated this to the National Radio.

Export democracy to the Greek diaspora – an oxymoron!

The cosmopolitan city of Melbourne in Australia, which also happens to be the capital of the Greek diaspora, is currently hosting the recreation of the Parthenon on the Acropolis as "The Temple of Boom." Australia is a beacon of democracy, and has embedded similar values and an institutional framework to those of the ancient Athenian democracy, very much like other full democracies.

Opponents of Covid restriction changes to collect signatures in autumn

Ljubljana – The proponents of two referendum initiatives challenging the changes to the communicable diseases act which govern epidemic restrictions are to start collecting signatures for the votes on 1 September if a referendum on the bill is permitted by legal experts.

Amendments to the Law on Referendum adopted

193 MPs voted for the adoption, i.e. all those who were present.
The law shall enter into force less than eight days from the day of its publication in the Official Gazette, by a special decision of the deputies. These amendments change several articles in relation to the recently adopted Law on Referendum and People's Initiative.