UN: Cost of Climate-linked Disasters Soars

The economic cost of climate-related disasters hit $2.25 trillion over the last two decades, an increase of more than 150 percent compared to the previous 20 years, the UN said Wednesday, reports AFP. 

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) noted that "climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events" such as floods and storms.

Bulgarian Scientists are Involved in a Large-scale European Project Against Terrorist Attacks

In one of the institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, a Bulgarian team developing projects, together with scientists from 9 other European institutions, those for protection against terrorist attacks with weapons of mass destruction, industrial accidents and disasters, reports BNT. 

European Commission announces new initiative for natural disaster management

A new plan being put forward by the European Commission for managing natural disasters like the deadly flash floods that hit western Attica last week contains significant incentives for European Union member-states to strengthen their prevention and management systems.