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Editorial: Brexit and us

The British after three years of wavering decided to ply their own course through Brexit and to break loose from the European Union.

By all appearances the impressive electoral victory of the eccentric and quirky Boris Johnson has cleared the deck and everyone now expects that by the end of January he will have the opportunity and ability to complete the Brexit process.

"Brexit is not the end but the beginning of our future relationship with the UK"

EU leaders have urged London from Brussels to ratify the Agreement on the Withdrawal Bill as soon as possible and to start negotiations on future relations.
"The UK will become a 'third country', but we will build a unique partnership. Brexit is not the end of something, it is the beginning of excellent relations between good neighbors", the European Commission President said.

Donald Tusk: UK Will Become a "Second-Rate Player" after Brexit

Britain will lose its influence in the world and become a "second-rate player" after leaving the EU, said Donald Tusk, quoted by Reuters.

Proponents of Brexit point out that the UK is the fifth largest economy in the world and argue that leaving the EU will open up new opportunities in world trade.

Boris Johnson: We Will Perform Brexit on January 31st

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held the first election rally of the campaign for early elections in Birmingham, where he stressed the importance of the vote. Johnson called the December 12 election to try to break the Brexit deadlock, paralyzing the country for more than three years and beginning to undermine confidence in the world's fifth largest economy.

Michel Barnier: Brexit without a Deal Is still Possible

"Britain's exit from EU structures without a deal has not yet been removed as an opportunity and is a real danger." Brussels chief negotiator Michel Barnier said in Brexit talks, The Independent and Focus reported.

As the UK prepares for early elections on December 12, Barnier said future trade talks could be "difficult and "demanding".