Russian spacecraft out of control plummets towards Earth

Russian flight control has lost the ability to rein in unmanned space vehicle “Progress” according to a Russian Space Agency official.


According to the statement, “Progress” was meant to resupply the ISS, but control was lost and the spacecraft is heading towards earth in an uncontrolled fashion.



No Bulgarians in Nepal Board Evacuation Plane Provided by MFA

No Bulgarian citizens, who are currently in Nepal, expressed interest to evacuate from the earthquake-stricken country with the airplane, which has been provided for the purpose by the Foreign Ministry.

This was announced by the ministry's spokesperson Betina Zhoteva in an interview for private NOVA TV on Wednesday.

Nepal Declares Three-Day Mourning as Death Toll Surpasses 5000

Nepal declared a three-day national mourning for the more than 5000 victims of the disastrous earthquake, which hit the country on Saturday.

Nepal's Prime Minister Sushil Koirala said that the government was doing all it could, but was overwhelmed by the scale of the natural disaster, the BBC reports.