The NSI Is Seeking for Innovative Approaches to Collect Data from the Minorities

The National Statistical Institute (NSI) and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) start work on the project "New Approaches for Generating Data on Hard-to-reach Populations at Risk of Violation of Their Rights", Diana Yancheva - Deputy Chairman of the NSI told reporters.

Bulgarian Muslims Condemn Islamophobic Attacks

Bulgaria's Grand Mufti's Office called on the police on Friday to investigate an attack on its office in the capital, Sofia, as a "hate crime".

The windows of the building in central Sofia were smashed with stones by an unknown person on Thursday, three days after swastikas and other hate symbols were scratched onto a mosque in the central town of Karlovo on July 2.

Young Bosnians Turn Hateful Graffiti Into Joyful Art

The central Bosnian town of Zenica in May hosted several young people from several towns in Bosnia with one aim - to paint over offensive, hateful graffiti.

Nationalist and political slurs and threats against ethnic groups are now transformed into a colourful mural, under a team led by Faruk Celikovic, a young street artist.