Teens charged with felony for attack against metro employee

A prosecutor in Athens charged two teenagers with grievous bodily harm for the violent beating of a metro station manager in central Athens on Wednesday, when he asked them to wear a mask in the train.

They were also charged with disobedience, a misdemeanour, after they refused to give fingerprints.

Suspects in botched bombing to appear before magistrate

Two men who were arrested last Wednesday while trying to plant two incendiary devices outside an apartment building in the Thessaloniki suburb of Kalamaria, where a former conservative minister lives, are to face an investigating magistrate in the northern port city on Monday on a string of criminal charges.

Serbian Whistleblower Law Faces First Serious Test

Watchdog organisation Transparency Serbia told BIRN that the Nenadic case will be a good test of the effectiveness of the recently-adopted legislation protecting whisteblowers.

"This case will show how effective the new law is, because we haven't had such a case since the enactment of the law," said Bojana Medenica from Transparency Serbia.

Deep in denial

The main opposition party is so eager to get its hands on the helm of government it is ignoring terse warnings from our international partners as it tries to reassure everyone that it has worked things out with the country?s creditors and that the cavalry is marching up from the south of Europe.