Customs officers Found over 260 Liters of Illegally Produced Alcohol from an Internet Ad

Customs officials from Lom have retained 266 liters of home-made alcohol (rakia) after they posed themselves as customers who want to buy alcohol, officials from the Customs Agency said. Reported SEGA. 

Policemen from Vidin participated in the action. A sale of home-made rakia has been posted on two websites. The customs officers contacted the seller and agreed to buy 10 liters.

Police raid Istanbul wedding hall over bootleg alcohol, detain five suspects

Gendarmerie forces on April 10 raided a wedding hall that included an underground bootleg alcohol plant in Istanbul's Başakşehir district, detaining five suspects, Doğan News Agency has reported.  
Thousands of liters of bootleg alcohol stored in industrial bottles and ready for delivery across Turkey was seized during the raid. 

Bulgarian Monks Red-faced Over Illegal Hooch Finds

Bulgaria's customs agency has reported finding 2,356 litres of alcohol without labels signifing paid excise duty in two monasteries.

Mobile inspection teams found the larger amount of illegal "rakija", or fruit brandy, namely 1,500 litres kept in plastic bottles and canisters, in a cellar of the Troyan monastery in northern Bulgaria.

10th Rakija Fest to be held in Belgrade on December 3

The 10th Rakija Fest will be held at Belgrade's Mikser House venue on December 3, under the title, "Balkan Urban Experience."

The Tourism Organization of Belgrade said that visitors will "get warmed" by rakija (Serbian for fruit, most commonly plum brandy) as well as "many Serbian delicacies, and specialty sweets."

Four Die after Drinking Fake Alcohol in Southern Bulgaria

Four young men have died and other two are in critical conditions after drinking counterfeit alcohol during celebrations, media outlets report.

Police and doctors confirm alcohol poisoning was the most likely cause of the incident which took place in a neighborhood of Yakoruda, a town in the Rhodope Mountains.

The Chios mastic drink heads to Miami with success

Crafted on the small island of Chios, Greece, FOS Mastiha is taking the world by storm. And the clear spirit made from the mastic resin of the “crying trees” of Chios, the herbal digestif is found to be ideal for mixed drinks. Miami spirits producer Ambrosia group launched the drink in its new form, designed to be used in cocktails.