Valentine's Day 2020: Romanians get married later in life, divorce less than before (analysis)

Romanians get married at older ages than 30 years ago and they divorce much less, a sign of the fundamental changes that the Romanian society went through after the 1989 Revolution, shows an analysis carried out by the consulting company Frames. "In 2020, marriage has turned into an event that many young people try to postpone as much as possible.

Natural growth rate in Romania continues to be negative in April 2019

The natural growth rate in Romania continued to be negative in April, 2019, to - 8,560 persons, as against -6,595 persons in the same month of 2018, according to data released on Monday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). The number of live births was lower by 2,282, and the number of deaths by 317.

The changing Greek family

The Greek family is changing dramatically. More single-person households, fewer weddings, more divorces, more single-parent families, more births out of wedlock, apartment-sharing, cohabitation pacts, childless couples: The traditional nuclear family is constantly losing ground.