Facade of a Building Collapsed in the Center of Sofia (VIDEO)

The facade of a building collapsed in downtown Sofia on a roadway and sidewalk. A video taken by a citizen and distributed by BNT shows that part of a wall of the Telephone Chamber at 26 Oborishte Street is falling.

The incident took place on the corner of Asen Zlatarov Street at around 11 a.m. on Friday morning. Miraculously, there were no casualties.

Dnevnik says officials wanted to further erase the erased

Ljubljana – Commenting on President Borut Pahor’s formal apology to the erased, the newspaper Dnevnik says on Saturday, on the 30th anniversary of the erasure, that this comes after state officials wanted to further erase those 25,671 people to silence them. It is ironic it was Pahor who apologised, the paper points out.

Bulgaria: There will be a Protest in Front of the Russian Embassy Today

The Ukrainian community in Bulgaria is protesting in front of the Russian Embassy in Sofia.

The protest will start at 5 p.m. Bulgarian time

The organizers called for support for the event to the Russians in the country, to the Bulgarians, as well as to "everyone who cares, to everyone who supports Ukraine and to anyone who is against the war."

Dnevnik rebukes new PCR testing protocol

Ljubljana – A new PCR testing protocol introduced this week does not take much pressure off laboratories, while it gives health providers at primary level more work, the newspaper Dnevnik says on Saturday. It believes the country’s PCR testing capacity should have been increased a while ago because the Omicron wave was an expected event.

Bulgarian Doctor: Masks are like Condoms - they are Put On because they Work

"Masks are like condoms - they are put on because they work"

This was stated to BNT by the general practitioner Gergana Nikolova. The reason for her comment was the increase in coronavirus infections in recent days, and they now reach 10 thousand.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Almost 10,000 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

The New Cabinet: "There Is Such a People" will Not Spare any Bad News for the Cabinet

"Today we are electing a government that will have the difficult task of bringing Bulgaria out of severe crises. We understand the responsibility and will share it. Today is the end of time for slogans and empty promises," the chairman of the parliamentary group of "There Is Such a People" Victoria Vasileva said.

Dnevnik on govt’s attitude to education workers, self-testing

Ljubljana – The newspaper Dnevnik says the government first said it would heed education workers’ calls for mandatory self-testing to be carried out at home at least for primary school children in years 1-5, but it then adopted a decree under which all school children will have to self-test on school premises as of Wednesday.