39 pitbulls undergo rehab after being seized in operations in Turkey's Manisa

A total of 39 pitbulls which were used in criminal activity by their owners have been put into a rehabilitation program in the Aegean province of Manisa, Doğan News Agency reported May 30. 

The dogs will not be put up for adoption, according to officials from the Temporary Animal Nursery, which is under the control of Manisa Municipality.  

Delightful photos of dogs pulling hilarious faces when catching treats

Photographer Christian Vieler takes hilarious photos of dogs trying to catch food aiming to capture the range of intense emotions dogs experience when eating.

The pictures show the many faces of dogs, depicting excitement, confusion and sadness as the treat approaches them.

But, sometimes, the dogs are so unbothered that they miss the treat entirely.

K-9 police dog use surges in Turkey

Turkey's first cynology conference has revealed that the use of K-9 unit police dogs has surged in the country due the recent increase in security operations and terror threats.

Osman Öztürk, head of CSG-City Security Group, a private security company, said at the Istanbul event on Dec. 23 the need for specially-trained dogs was "increasing day-by-day."

Don’t miss the doggone 5th International Dog Festival! (See video)

The 5th International Dog Festival-Athens 2015 will take place from October 9 to 11 at the renovated “MEC-Mediterranean Exhibition Center” in Paiania (301 Lavriou Avenue). The three-day festival is for pet owners and their furry friends with events aimed at increasing people’s awareness regarding their pets needs.

Why are China’s pole dancers being dragged like abused dogs? (photos)

China’s national pole dancers have been chained up in cages, pulled by the neck, dragged by vans and brutally treated as a form of protest against the country’s dog-eating culture. Each of the photos showing the abuse features a real-life photo showing how the dog had been treated along with captions such as “Please don’t abandon me” and “I don’t know what I’ve done wrong”.

IN PHOTOS: Scottish cyclist interrupts world tour to save stray dog

A Scottish cyclist has won many hearts in Turkey after she interrupted her world tour to save an injured stray dog.

34-year-old sprint cyclist Ishbel Taromsari arrived in the western Turkish province of Balıkesir, four months after she left France for a world tour with her bicycle and only 3.5 British pounds per day for her expenses covered by a sponsor.