Donetsk People's Republic

Ukraine warns front 'worsened' as Russia claims fresh gains

Ukraine's army leader admitted Sunday that Kiev's position on the battlefield has worsened after Russian forces captured another village in the east, pressing their advantage in manpower and ammunition.

Russia's troops are advancing in the eastern Donetsk region as Kiev awaits the arrival of much-needed U.S. weapons that it hopes will stabilise the fragile front lines.

Is a 'Korean Scenario' in Ukraine Possible?

A Belgian reserve colonel, Roger Housen, has issued a stark warning regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, suggesting that it may be heading towards a "Korean scenario." Housen's assessment, reported in local media and BTA, comes in response to recent remarks by British General Richard Barrons, who suggested that Russia could emerge victorious in the war this year.

General's warning: Germany will have to prepare; The Russians will invade?

It has been almost two years since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Over the past few weeks, Russian troops have launched a major offensive targeting Avdiyivka, a city in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region that Moscow also claims as its territory.