Doomsday scenarios

‘Doomsday Clock’ moves closest ever to midnight

Top scientists and security experts moved the "Doomsday Clock" forward on Jan. 24 to just 90 seconds to midnight, signaling an increased risk to humanity's survival from the nuclear shadow over the Ukraine conflict and the growing climate crisis.

The new timing of the clock set by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is closer to midnight than ever before.

Greek economy 2023: Durable recovery but also volatile factors

The new year starts from a favorable starting point, with the Greek economy having shown remarkable resistance to two consecutive, particularly serious, international disturbances - the pandemic and the energy crisis, starting with the war in Ukraine -, which were also accompanied by the most severe inflationary escalation in 40 years.

Russia vs NATO = global disaster; Plan A - in just a few hours millions of dead VIDEO

Within just a few hours, millions of people around the world would die if a nuclear war between Russia and NATO broke out. At least that's what the Plan A simulation created by Princeton researchers claims.
The simulation was originally prepared for an exhibition at the Bernstein Gallery in Princeton in 2017, and was uploaded to YouTube in 2019.

Doomsday Clock: 100 Seconds until End of World

After a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and continued fears over nuclear risks and climate change, the symbolic Doomsday Clock remains stuck at the same time as last year.

"The hands of the Doomsday Clock remain at 100 seconds to midnight, as close to midnight as ever," Rachel Bronson, president of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS), said on Wednesday (27 January).

A call for a blueprint for a gloomy, post-corona world: Op-ed

Ravaging the four corners of the globe, the coronavirus has destroyed global markets beyond repair in a way that is incomparable to any global crisis in recent history.
Recovery is only possible through a collective global effort under the leadership of the United States, China and the European Union in cooperation with other major powers on the world stage.