Draft:2018 Kosovo–Serbia trade war

Intensifying Battle Over Kosovo’s Recognition is Futile

At first, Kosovo denied that these derecognitions had even occurred, with some arguing that such moves were not legally possible. However, as the number mounted up - the current tally of derecognitions claimed by Belgrade now lies at 15, the latest being the Togo, in late-August, the mood in Pristina has changed.

Hahn: Tariffs' abolition and suspending campaign of recognition withdrawal crucial

"The abolition of the imposed tariffs is crucial", Hahn said.
He underlined the importance of reaching agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on the meeting of the Foreign Affairs ministers of EU and Western Balkans.
"Reaching solution, and a positive outcome of the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue is a key element for the future European perspective of the whole region", Hahn said.

Kosovo Government: Kosovo had never impeded the dialogue with Serbia

They said that they are prepared to sit down at the table to find a final, legally binding agreement within existing borders, which leads to mutual recognition.
Commenting on the request of the Quint countries for the resumption of dialogue, a statement from the outgoing prime minister's cabinet said for Radio Free Europe that "no conditions should be set on that process".