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Trump's Approval Rating Hits Record Low 6 Months In

American support for President Donald Trump has hit a record low six months after he assumed office, according to a poll released Sunday, quoted by Anadolu Agency. 

Just 36% of Americans approve of the job the president has been doing since taking office in January, the ABC News/Washington Post poll finds.

Trump Jr. admits he wanted info on Clinton from Russian

A meeting between President Donald Trump's eldest son and a Russian lawyer during the presidential campaign occurred at the behest of a Moscow-based singer with family ties to Trump's businesses, according to a participant in the talks. Donald Trump Jr. acknowledged on July 10 that he made time for the meeting hoping to get information about Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Individual states, cities step up to the plate as US falters

A new study from Pew Research offers unsurprising news that many countries have a low opinion of Donald Trump. This survey of 37 countries found the percentage of those with confidence in the US president has fallen from 64 percent at the end of the Obama presidency to just 22 percent under Trump. Some 62 percent say Trump is "dangerous," and 74 percent have "no confidence" in him.

Living in a G-zero world

Donald Trump's decision last week to remove the US from the Paris Agreement on climate sent a crystal-clear signal that we're now living in a G-zero world, a world without consistent leadership. Who is leader of the free world today? Not Trump, the first US president since the 1930s who does not believe that international leadership is in the US national interest.