Portrait of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent goes to auction

A rare 16th-century portrait of Suleiman the Magnificent, the longest-reigning Ottoman sultan, will be auctioned by Sotheby's.

The portrait of the sultan will be on live auction at Sotheby's with a starting bid of 60,000 pounds ($83,000). Estimates suggest it will be sold for around 80,000 - 120,000 pounds.

Gas exploration in Black Sea to cover 10,000 square kilometers

Seismic analysis activities will be conducted in a 10,000-square-meter area in the Black Sea for new natural gas discoveries, Energy Minister Fatih Dönmez told a group of journalists on March 3.

"We are aiming to drill a new exploratory well in one of the gas fields that is deemed to have potential," Dönmez said.

Istanbul’s Bridges illuminated in green

As part of the "Green Crescent Week," the Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridges, two of Istanbul's major ones, were lighted green, the symbol color of the Turkish Green Crescent Society.

The NGO's vision is to make Turkey an example and leading country in the fight against addictions while basing its actions on human dignity.


Fatih vessel to carry out drilling work in Black Sea after May 29: Erdoğan

Turkey's Fatih drilling vessel is set to sail off to the Black Sea on May 29, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said at the inauguration ceremony of the Democracy end Freedoms Island. 

"Our Fatih drilling ship will cross the Bosphorus on 29 May and go to the Black Sea for a new drilling," he said on May 27.

Turkey procures its third drillship: Report

State-run Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) has added another drilling vessel to its fleet for $37.5 million, according to a prominent Turkish maritime publication.

Sertao, moored at Port Talbot in Britain for two years, was acquired by TPAO in an auction, Istanbul-based Denizcilik Dergisi (Maritime Magazine) reported on Feb. 8.