Bosnia Court Cancels Permit for Drina Power Plant

The District Court in Banja Luka, administrative centre of the mainly Serbian Republika Srpska entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, RS, has cancelled the environmental permit for the planned Buk Bijela hydropower plant on the river Drina in Bosnia, the Aarhus Resource Center said on Thursday, following the court's May 13 ruling in favour of the Center's complaint.

CIA "hid reports about massacres committed against Serbs"

Analyst Robert Spencer told Vecernje Novosti daily in an interview - commenting on the newspaper's recent discovery of the role of US intelligence officials in hiding reports about crimes perpetrated against Serbs in Podrinje (along the Drina River), said the Saudi authorities had a huge impact on the state apparatus in Washington.

"Strong army is needed to safeguard Serbia's independence"

As he said, it requires an army with people ready and able to defend the state from any aggressor.

During his visit to the Military Technical Institute (VTI) Zarkovo in Belgrade, where he spoke with 48 new employees, Vucic said that the institute is "the central nervous system of the entire army, weapons, and the future of Serbia."