Drone warfare

Ukrainian Drone Strike Downs Russian A-50 Aircraft

А Ukrainian drone strike on March 9th proved to be remarkably effective, damaging a Russian A-50 aircraft, a vital component of Russian intelligence operations. The strike targeted the aviation scientific research and development complex "Beriev" in Taganrog, Russia, a facility known for repairing A-50 aircraft.

Russia and Ukraine launch overnight drone attacks

Ukraine launched a drone attack on a Russian metal plant in a border region on Wednesday, causing a fire at a fuel tank, the local governor said.

Kiev meanwhile announced it had intercepted dozens of Russian drones as both sides launched a wave of overnight aerial attacks in an attempt to hit targets deep behind the front lines.

US Launches Airstrikes on Syria and Iraq in Swift Response to Soldiers' Death

The United States initiated airstrikes in Syria and Iraq in response to a drone strike in Jordan that claimed the lives of three American soldiers. ABC and Fox News reported the targeted strikes, hitting over 85 locations, including command posts, intelligence centers, ammunition depots, and logistics facilities, using more than 125 precision-guided munitions.