Turkey’s biggest lake under risk due to drought: Experts

Drought caused by climate change and the decrease in precipitation have affected the basin of Lake Van, the water sources, agriculture and animal husbandry in the region, experts have warned.

"Heat rose, while precipitation decreased in the last decade," Faruk Alaeddinoğlu, a professor from Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, told state-run Anadolu Agency.

Increasing water scarcity is threatening agricultural production

Water is at the core of our existence. From an agriculture perspective, water is the essence of the food we grow. The world's food systems depend on the planet's water systems. Many global challenges, however, are threatening the sustainability of our water resources leading to water stress and scarcity and therefore impeding our efforts to attain food security.

April precipitation rate down by 50 percent, officials warns for drought

Turkey is heading toward farming season under a severe threat of drought, a water report has revealed, noting a 50 percent decrease in the rate of precipitation across the country in April.

"There was 90 percent decline in rainfalls in the Southeastern Anatolia region and some 76 percent decline in Eastern Anatolia in April," said a report published by Water Policy Association.

Istanbul’s weather to change permanently in future, warns academic

Istanbul's weather will dramatically change and residents will have to brave scorching heat in the summers, an Istanbul Technical University academic has warned.

"Istanbul will become very hot in the summers, making it unbearably hot for citizens, and floods will occur," Sevinç Asilhan told Demirören News Agency on April 22.

Turkey’s biggest basin, sinkhole struggles with drought

Located in Central Anatolia and once known as Turkey's grain warehouse, the Konya Closed Basin is fighting drought due to improper irrigation activities and uncontrolled agriculture.

Çıralı Sinkhole, one of the most important natural formations in the region with an area of nearly 17,500 square meters, has also dried up after weeks without rain.