The Droughts Affect 55 million People a Year, According to a WWF Report

A new report by the conservation organization WWF warns that the climate crisis poses an increasing real risk of global droughts. According to the study, these processes put pressure on wetlands and the urban environment and negatively impact the lives of 55 million people each year, putting energy supplies and food production at risk.

Australia: Sydney Imposed Water Restrictions Due to a Prolonged Drought

Australia's most populous state of New South Wales on Tuesday imposed water restrictions for the first time in a decade with dam levels at just over 50% due to a prolonged drought, reported Euronews.

The country's east coast has suffered through two years of below average rainfall, devastating agricultural production and stoking a political debate over the impact of climate change.

Meke Lake on brink of extinction

Meke Lake in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, known as the "world's largest evil eye amulet," is almost on the brink of extinction, experts have warned. The unique crater lake with a giant volcanic cone in its middle, has almost completely dried up because of the ongoing drought due to global warming as well as incorrect irrigation techniques, according to experts.