Spanish Law Enforcement Seized a Submarine Loaded with more than 2 Tonnes of Cocaine

Spanish law enforcement has seized a submarine that was loaded with more than 2 tonnes of cocaine, according to the El Pais.

Law enforcement officers have detained at least two people. The submarine was discovered in the waters of Galicia. It is believed that the submarine has arrived from Colombia. There are no other details so far.

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Drugs found in Komotini prison raid

Officers seized 28.7 grams of cannabis, counterfeit alcohol and ten mobile phones during a raid in a prison in the northern town of Komotini on Monday, as part of an ongoing crackdown on crime in jails.

According to state-run news agency ANA-MPA, the cannabis was packed in 33 nylon packages and the alcohol was kept in two buckets.

Drugs found in Halkida prison raid

As part of an ongoing crackdown on drug use and crime within Greek prisons, authorities raided some 10 jail cells at a penitentiary in Halkida in central Greece early on Friday morning.
According to the Citizens' Protection Ministry, the 3.5-hour operation yielded nine grams of cannabis, 3.5 grams of heroin, as well as eight mobile phones and two routers.

Energy minister says PPC not ready for selloff yet

Environment and Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis says that financially troubled electricity utility PPC is not yet attractive enough to private investors despite the fact that its stock price has tripled since late May.

In an interview to ANA-MPA state news agency, Hatzidakis indicated that the governmebt could seek to sell PPC divisions, but not the whole company.