‘58 pct of those with severe COVID were unvaccinated’

Following a large-scale study conducted on the COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness in Türkiye, experts have stressed that some 58 percent of individuals who developed serious illnesses were unvaccinated.

The results of one of the largest studies in the country showing the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine were announced.

Two Montenegrin Sailors Charged in Australia With Cocaine Smuggling

Packages of the cocaine seized by Australian police on the cargo ship St Pinot. Photo: Australian Federal Police.Photo: Australian Federal Police

Australian authorities reported that Pinot's captain, M. B., and its chief engineer, R.V., both from Montenegro, were charged with smuggling cocaine worth 375 million US dollars, believed to have come from South America.

Woman, 66, arrested for drug trafficking and forgery in Athens

Police in Athens have arrested a 66-year-old Albanian woman on charges of drug trafficking and forgery.

According to authorities, after an investigation on Tuesday into the suspect's involvement in cannabis trafficking in the Kato Patissia neighborhood, particularly near schools, her criminal activities were confirmed.

Bosnian Warehouse Workers Find Huge Cocaine Stash in Banana Boxes

Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA on Monday confirmed the seizure of 124 kilograms of cocaine that was found in banana boxes in a warehouse in the town of Siroki Brijeg.

"I can confirm the seizure, the investigators have done their part of the job, but due to the ongoing investigation, I can't give more details," Jelena Miovcic, SIPA's spokeswoman, told BIRN.

Two people arrested for transporting heroin in Thessaloniki

Police officers in northern Greece arrested two people from drug trafficking on Tuesday night after discovering more than 12 kilos of heroin in their car.

The suspects, a 33-year-old foreign national, believed to be a leading member of a bigger drug ring, and a 27-year-old Greek woman, believed to be a member of the gang, where stopped at the Malgara toll station, near Thessaloniki. 

Cocaine smugglers linked to foiled attempt from Peru

The people arrested last week in connection with the shipment of 104 kilos of cocaine from Ecuador to Thessaloniki in a container of bananas had also previously attempted to import 5 tons of cocaine into Greece from Peru, according to the case file opened by the Narcotics Department of Thessaloniki, which handled the case.

Belgrade and Skopje Airports ‘Hubs for Illicit Activities’: Report

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, GI-TOC, a Geneva-based NGO, published a report on Monday warning that Balkan airports are vulnerable to organised crime and that Belgrade and Skopje airports in particular are regional hubs for illicit activities.

Mother to stand trial for deaths of two more children

A woman on trial for the murder of her eldest daughter in 2022, will stand trial for the deaths of her youngest two daughters as well, her lawyer has said.

Alexis Kougias also announced that he had requested that his client, Roula Pispirigou, be evaluated by two psychiatrists to determine if she suffers from Munchausen syndrome.