Drunk driving in the United States

Survey: Every Fifth Bulgarian has been in the Car with a Drunk Driver

Nearly one fifth of Bulgarians have been in the car with a driver who has consumed alcohol. 37% have witnessed how their relative or acquaintance gets behind the wheel after using alcohol or drugs. 275,000 Bulgarians admit that they drove while intoxicated. This is indicated by the data from a survey by the sociological agency "Trend".

Traffic police crack down on drunk driving, cellphone use

As part of a nationwide crackdown on drunk driving and on people using their phones while driving, traffic police said on Tuesday they registered more than 1,250 violations in the period between February 24 and March 1.

Out of 24,849 vehicles checked, police said 561 of the violations concerned phone use and 705 broke the law on driving under the influence of alcohol.

New rules for traffic violators

New motoring laws foresee smaller fines, albeit stricter administrative penalties for road traffic offenses Kathimerini understands.

Meanwhile, authorities have postponed plans to make penalties proportional to income, as opposed to the existing flat-rate system.

Bulgaria's Traffic Police To Remove Licence Plates of Drunk Drivers' Cars

Traffic police will remove the license plates of cars of drivers caught drunk, on drugs, without a driving license or if they refuse to give a breath sample.

The purpose of this measure is to prevent drivers from using the vehicle again.

The strict sanctions were adopted at second reading by the parliamentary Transport Commission.

Drunk Driving Rate in Bulgaria at 2.5%, Police Operation Reveals

Bulgarian traffic police have intercepted 158 car drivers sitting behind the wheel after having drunk alcohol in just two days, BGNES reported on Tuesday,

A total of 6,325 motorists were tested for drunk driving in a nationwide police operation carried out between 31 July and 2 August, at the peak of summer holidays.