Intensive Traffic at the Borders with Greece, Serbia, Turkey and Romania

The traffic on the border checkpoints with Greece, Serbia, Turkey and Romania is intensive. This was reported by DG Border Police.

The traffic information is from 13:00 today.

On the Bulgarian-Serbian border at Kalotina border checkpoint traffic is intensive at the entrance and exit for cars.

Traffic Police Dobrich: Nearly 5,000 Vehicles Daily Come via Durankulak Checkpoint in the Summer

Dobrich. About 5,000 vehicles enter the country every day via Durankulak border checkpoint during the summer season, said Julian Minev, traffic police chief at the Ministry of Interior's regional department in Dobrich, a Focus Radiocorrespondent reported.

The Police Continue with the Protests

The requests for which the trade union organizations in the Ministry of Interior are in a state of protest are not fulfilled. Following the program announced in June 2017, SPSMWR continues its protest action on December 22, 2017 - the professional celebration of officers at Border Police, which will be concentrated around the border checkpoints, reported by the SPSME, quoted by BGNES.

Bulgaria Is Romanian Tourists' All Inclusive Paradise

Vacations in Bulgaria are still most preferred by Romanians, writes the Romanian daily Adevarul. 

The main attractions are the cheap, traditional and pleasant holidays. “This is why the trend to go to the all inclusive paradise – the Bulgarian coast – continues this year,” says the newspaper.