Transparency is essential

The manner in which the amendment that foresees a side-deal being carried out as part of Greece's program for upgrading its fleet of F-16 fighter jets was brought to Parliament by the defense minister is indeed suspicious.

Gabriela Mercore: 86 % of the Customers Are Satisfied with the Services Provided by Sofiyska voda


86 % of the customers are satisfied with the services provided by Sofiyska voda. The increase of the quality of the provided services is proved by 15% increase of satisfied customers compared to the previous year.


Bulgarian Women are Last in Europe in Terms of Participation and Skills in the Digital Sector

Bulgaria is one of the four countries where women have more fundamental digital skills than men and one of the three in which the gap between men and women working in the field of communication technologies is the smallest. The women working in it are 30.2% - twice as high as the EU average.

Greek e-shops earn greater market share

Homegrown online shops are gaining ground in Greece, as 85 percent of consumers in the country use them for the vast majority of their online purchases, according to a survey by the E-Business Research Center of the Athens University for Economics and Business (ELTRUN) and the Association of Business and Retail Sales in Greece (SELPE).