Early voting

The Election Campaign is Ending

At 00:00 Bulgarian time, the election campaign officially ends before the elections for Bulgaria's 44th parliament take place on Sunday, March 26.

Saturday is a day for reflection, and agitation is prohibited.

Tomorrow, the final number of polling stations in the country will become known.

Bulgaria Court to Rule on Election System Referendum, Machine Voting

A court will sit on Friday to determine whether the referendum held in November on the voting system is binding and whether machine voting should be mandatory for all polling stations.

Voters overwhelmingly backed in November the introduction of a majority electoral system, a drastic cut in party subsidies, and mandatory voting in both elections and referenda.

Bulgaria Overwhelmingly Says 'Yes' to E-Voting in Referendum - Poll

Bulgarian voters have backed in a referendum the introduction of remote online voting with a resounding 70.6% backing the step, a poll by Alpha Research agency shows.

Some 26.6% of the voters have said "No", according to the same poll.

Final results are not to be expected until hours later.