Eastern Mediterranean

Is Turkey itching for tension? Officials fear so

The Foreign Ministry opted for a mild response Wednesday to Turkish allegations that Greece is undermining the climate of relatively good relations, but officials increasingly believe that the Turkish government, partly due to domestic political pressure, may opt, at a time of its own choosing, to return to the period of high tension that prevailed from 2020 to 2023.

ADMIE: Israel wants linkup acceleration

Israel's authorities requested the acceleration of procedures for the implementation of the Great Sea Interconnector project (Greece-Cyprus-Israel), in the section of the Cyprus-Israel power linkup.

The director general of the Energy Ministry, representing the government of Israel, stated that this is an important priority of the Israeli government to advance the project.

The FBI in Cyprus

By enlisting the help of the FBI - as announced recently - Cyprus is making an effort to deal with the problem of corruption that has been a blight on the country's reputation for so many years.