New Findings: 14-Hour Fasting Enhances Mood, Sleep, and Appetite Control

A recent study reveals that consuming meals within a 10-hour window offers various health benefits, including increased energy, enhanced mood, decreased appetite, and improved sleep. Researchers from King's College London presented these findings at the European Nutrition Conference. The study involved over 37,000 participants using the ZOE Health app.

Four out of 10 Greek kids have a weight problem

Poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise, and very low rates of breastfeeding are seen as the main causes of children being overweight in Greece. 

Experts also note the Greek mentality that associates the expression of love with the offer of large quantities of food, as well as celebrations with the consumption of sweets. 

Bulgarian Nutritionist: Eat Regular Meals to Be in Good Shape

Nutritionist Stoyan Petkov shared some useful tips as to how stay in good shape when working from home.

"If you have taken care of your body throughout the year, holiday eating spree will hardly do you much harm. It is not good to say "no" to some foods because we are very likely to eat something else instead and in greater amounts at that, Petkov advised.

Completely New Rules on Nutrition in Schools

Complete new rules for nutrition in schools and kindergartens are being prepared by the government, says Nova. What will children eat during the new school year and which foods will be totally forbidden?

Some days ago, the sale of sugar-added beverages in schools in Europe was officially banned. The measure came from the producers themselves. 

Feeding 5000 event swamped by the hungry despite cloudy day (pics)

Thousands of Athenians lined up to consume food rejected by stores. The event, Feeding 5000, is part of a global initiative aimed at highlighting waste of food in advanced societies.

On an overcast day, people went to Kotzias Square to eat briam, a casserole made up of a medley of veggies.