Spraying against White American Butterfly on the Territory of the Town of Vidin

Due to the increased population of caterpillars, Vidin Municipality has taken measures for massive treatment against second-generation white American butterfly. On August 12, more than 900 trees were decontaminated in the most affected areas of the city.

Global Warming will Make Insects Hungrier, Eating up Key Crops

AFP - Researchers have found a new way that global warming is bad for the planet: more hungry bugs.

Rising temperatures will stimulate insects' appetites -- and make some prone to reproducing more quickly -- spelling danger for key staples like wheat, corn and rice which feed billions of people, researchers said Thursday.

US Embassy issues health alert regarding West Nile virus

The US Embassy in Athens has issued a health alert regarding the West Nile virus to American citizens living in Greece or intending to visit it.

The warning mentions that five people have already died in Greece after contracting the virus, all of them over the age of 70. This number does not take into account the six deaths this week, which brings the total to 11.

Number of West Nile infections grows

Health officials in Greece have confirmed 17 new cases of West Nile virus this week, bringing this summer's total to 60 reported cases.

Three people, all over the age of 70, have died so far this week after being infected with the mosquito-borne virus, according to data released Thursday by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO).

West Nile virus claims 2 lives

Health officials have confirmed two West Nile virus-related deaths. Both victims were octogenarian residents of western Attica.

Since the start of the summer season, 55 cases of the mosquito-borne virus have been reported in Greece by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO).