Economic anthropology

E-platform for Athens property registrations to go live

Property owners with homes or plots of land in the Municipality of Athens will be able to check their assets from Monday when the online platform for that area is to go live, as part of an ongoing process to complete the country's land register.

The checks are the second stage of a declaration process that began in 2008.

Red tape involved in property transactions only set to increase

At a time when cutting red tape should be a key objective for the government to boost Greece's competitiveness, the state demands an average of 10 papers for property market transactions such as sales or inheritances, while the total number of documents that may be demanded from owners, depending on the transaction they wish to make, stands at 22.

The lamest of all days

It was raining cats and dogs. I wanted to hop on a bus but I didn?t have a bus pass. I had barely made myself visible to the driver through the rushing crowd, and poked my head in to ask, ?May I get in? I don?t have a pass.?