Economic globalization

Yoana Madzharova, Operations Manager at HRS Bulgaria: Finding the Right Managers is Becoming a Real Challenge


Yoana Madzharova is the Operations Manager at the leading recruitment agency in Bulgaria - HRS Bulgaria. She graduated Administration and management at the New Bulgarian University and is certified by Thomas International, Extended DISC and McQuaig psychometric assessment systems.

Coronavirus kills off neoliberalism

The responses to crises come in two phases. First, governments respond in predictable ways, consistent with how they have acted before. But then crises have a longer-lasting power, and that is to shift our thinking about what governments should do. The coronavirus is a totemic case in this respect.

Shipping high-tech to be showcased at Posidonia

Tech start-ups and entrepreneurs are promising to impress Posidonia 2020 visitors and delegates this summer with their latest, high-tech, digitally enabled and data-driven solutions to age-old legacy problems, as well as with a fresher perspective for a more sustainable and efficient future for the shipping industry.

5 Reasons Why to Outsource Software Development

When digging in for any information about software development outsourcing, you can find plenty of articles about the most common reasons why to outsource software development. On the other hand, you can find loads of texts about potential risks and threats coming along outsourcing. This topic, however, is worth a deeper analysis.

Europe’s Future Depends on Reinventing its Democracies

Even if the EU and its member states have the leadership skills to weather looming storms — from a US-China trade war to rising tensions in the Middle East — the reasons for Europe's recent travails should not be forgotten.

Only through self-reflection can the EU rejuvenate its standing in Europe and the rest of the world.

Plans afoot to boost e-payments

In a bid to crack down on tax evasion to the tune of 7 billion euros a year in value-added tax alone, the government is mulling plans to encourage taxpayers to increase online and card transactions so as to increase their tax free threshold.

According to reports, the relevant legislation will be included in a tax bill that will be submitted to Parliament in mid-October.