Economic growth

Update on the quarterly national accounts - Part 4

In this fourth Note on the quarterly national accounts, we mine for more data to see how the economy is evolving, and observe whether this provides information that we need to be aware of when thinking about government policy. Specifically, we will be trying to find out what aggregate demand components are providing the biggest push to growth in real GDP.

The World Bank Predicts a Downturn in the Global Economy

The World Bank is warning of increasing risks, or what it calls "darkening skies", for the world economy, reported BBC. 

In its annual assessment of global prospects the Bank predicts continued, though somewhat slower, growth this year and next.

The Bank's forecast for the global economy is expansion this year of 2.9% and 2.8% in 2020.

Forbes: Bulgaria Has Placed 46th of the Best Countries For Doing Business in 2018

Bulgaria has placed 46th in the Forbes ranking of the best countries for doing business in 2018, quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio. 

The media points out that in recent years, strong domestic demand coupled with low international energy prices has contributed to the economic growth of Bulgaria with nearly 4% and to reducing inflation.

GDP in 2017, in real terms, by 7pct higher than in 2016 (semi-final data)

The gross domestic product (GDP) estimated for 2017 was 856.726 billion lei current prices, rising in real terms by 7pct compared to 2016, according to the semi-final data published on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Compared with the provisional version, in the semi-final version, the nominal gross domestic product estimated for 2017 decreased by 0.2pct.

Slovenia: World Leader in The Legatum Institute Natural Environment pillar

The London based, The Legatum Institute, published the 12th Legatum Prosperity Index at the end of November. The index is a leading indicator of economic and social wellbeing in the 149 nations covered. "This is a tool for leaders around the world to help set their agendas for growth and development.

Income Growth in Eastern Europe is Losing Momentum, but Bulgaria has the Potential for Progress

Convergence in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries in the area of ​​income is threatened by a slowdown if these members do not restructure their economies faster and do not begin to bring about the related productivity gains. That's what Moody's warned, reports

ATHEX: Stock index and turnover end November on a high note

The MSCI stock index rebalancing was completed on Friday, while investors repositioned themselves accordingly, leading to a second day of notable gains at Athinon Avenue, as many foreign traders closed their books for the year at the end of a month that saw the main index slide 1.55 percent.

ATHEX: Stocks retake 600 pts in quiet session

While turnover remained subdued on the Greek stock market on Friday following the Thanksgiving holiday in the US on Thursday, banks' 4 percent rise managed to take the benchmark back above the 600-point mark.

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index ended at 602.60 points, adding 0.65 percent to Thursday's 598.73 points. On a weekly basis it conceded 3.69 percent.