Economic history of Italy

Bulgarians Growing Poorer, Spend Their Rainy Day Funds

Since the beginning of the year, Bulgarians have closed about 1,200 small deposits accounts every day. The data of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) by the end of March show that on a quarterly basis the savings of up to BGN 1,000 in commercial banks decreased by almost 106,000, or more precisely 105,828.

Turkish banks can cover short market closure: Fitch

The foreign-currency liquidity of Turkish banks is sufficient to cover a short-lived market closure and moderate outflow of FX deposits, according to credit ratings agency Fitch on late on April 6. 

It projected the banks' short-term foreign currency debt service requirement, in the extreme event of a full market shut down for 12 months, has increased to $45 billion-$50 billion.

State’s exposure in loan deferral scheme at EUR 2.6 billion

Ljubljana – Banks and savings banks in Slovenia received until the end of February a total of 28,485 applications under the government’s scheme that enables loan takers to request a deferral of loan payments. More than 85% of the applications have been approved, with the total exposure related to these loans amounting to EUR 2.6 billion.

Businesses want extension of loan deferral, central bank says measure “served its purpose”

Ljubljana – Business chambers have called on the government to extent the scheme under which they may request a deferral of loan payments, an appeal that came just after the central bank said this measure had “served its purpose” and was not sustainable in the long term.

Credit for small companies

Banks will issue loans up to 50,000 euros each to very small enterprises with an annual turnover of no more than €200,000 in the context of the new Guarantee Fund of the Hellenic Development Bank that is expected to start operating in early March.