Economic history of Italy

Fitch says Turkish banks' loan growth in 2017 may hit 20 percent amid stimulus

Fitch Ratings has said the rapid loan growth at Turkish banks in the first half of the year resulted from the significant impact of a government initiative to stimulate lending, estimating that the loan growth of the sector might hit 20 percent in 2017. 

Greece to set up development bank to fund infrastructure projects

Greece will set up a development bank to fund infrastructure projects, start-ups, small businesses and export oriented companies, the government's economic policy council said on Friday.

The Hellenic Development Bank will be a state lender that will complement commercial banks to help fund growth and regional projects.

Interest Rates on Deposit Accounts Reached Record Low Levels

Interest rates on deposit accounts reached record low levels. In the last month, mortgage interest rates have also been seriously declining according to statistics by the Bulgarian National Bank, published at the end of the week. Economists advise that personal finances should be managed wisely and that money be invested in accessible instruments, BNT reports. 

Charges per tax payment at bank branches to reach 1.50 euros

Contrary to earlier information that taxpayers would have to pay between 0.25 and 0.50 euros for every payment to the state as of this month if made via bank counters, it emerged on Thursday that the charges banks intend to impose on taxpayers using their counters to pay income tax, single property tax (ENFIA), value-added tax etc, will range between 1.10 and 1.50 euros per transaction.

Taxpayers to pay commission for tax payments at bank counters

The state will try to convince taxpayers to avoid paying their dues at bank counters by passing the banks' commission on to them.

Taxpayers who rush at the end of this month to banks in order to pay their value-added tax or income tax will be charged with the handling costs, which the state used to pay to date, ranging between 25 and 50 cents.