Economic integration

Euro at 25: The value of unity in a changing world

The case for Europe has always rested on solving problems that countries could not address alone. After the Second World War, visionary leaders understood that the only way to secure peace on our continent was to unite our economies. And a united Europe would, in time, require a single currency to make the most of the economic benefits created by this peace dividend.

Bulgaria’s President will Appeal to the Constitutional Court about the Tax on Russian Gas

President Rumen Radev referred the Constitutional Court to the provisions of the Law on Control of the Implementation of Restrictive Measures in view of Russia's actions destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, which imposes "energy contributions" on the import of Russian natural gas into Bulgaria, as well as on its transmission to Europe through the territory of Bulgaria.

The European Commission extended Three Criminal Proceedings against Bulgaria

The European Commission announced today that it is extending three criminal proceedings against Bulgaria by sending official letters of notification.

The cases are related to automobile insurance, the transportation of dangerous goods and the reporting of corporate taxes.

Vučić with Senate delegation of the Republic of France: I am grateful for the support

"With the delegation of the Senate of France, I discussed all important issues, from the situation in the region and the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, to the strengthening of political dialogue and the expansion of bilateral and economic cooperation, especially in the sphere of new large investments," wrote Vui on his Instagram profile and added :

CFA Romania's Cabat: Romania probably moving towards switching to European single currency in 2030

Romania's switching to the European single currency, the euro, is likely to be postponed until 2030 due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Dragos Cabat, a member on the CFA Society Romania board, said on Tuesday, noting that there should be a decision at the political level to attempt to try to enter at least the Eurozone antechamber and meet the Maastricht conditions again.

8 Francophone countries get new currency

It is official that the Eco will replace the CFA franc as the new currency for the eight Francophone countries that form the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA).

France's Council of Ministers officially passed a bill earlier this month that ratified the reform of the monetary agreement that bound the French government to the eight member states.

Bulgaria - One Step Away from Getting "Green Light" for Eurozone Waiting Room

Bulgaria's Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov has confirmed that Bulgaria is continuing its plan to enter the ERM-2 exchange rate mechanism. One of the commercial banks in the country still need to comply with the European Central Bank's recommendations for additional capital buffers. In doing so, Bulgaria will meet the requirements for applying to join the European Banking Union and ERM-2.