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The 48 hours of the Lenders with the Greek Government – What happened

Negotiations between Institutions and Greece came to an end. In view of the 12th assessment of the Greek economy, which is under strict supervision, the European institutions and the Greek governement discussed every single issue, focusing mainly on the financial issues, the public debts to individuals, the auctions and the bankruptcy law.

The Eurogroup verdict

Vučić's address from Slovenia: "Angela Merkel is coming to Serbia"

After dinner with Rama and Zaev, Vui told the citizens of Serbia that the Open Balkans cannot be stopped because no one can find fault with it.
"These 17 squares in which we are now present the territory of Serbia. We are talking about the Open Balkans, about many initiatives, about how our citizens can live better," said Vucic.

Bucharest Stock Exchange closed upwards the last trading session of the week

Bucharest, Aug 27 /Agerpres/ - The Bucharest Stock Exchange closed upwards the last trading session of the week, with a value of transactions of 49.08 million lei (9.95 million euros). The main BET index appreciated by 0.59%, to 12,389.58 points, and BET-Plus, which shows the evolution of the most liquid 37 shares, recorded a similar increase.

Telemach suing Telekom Slovenije for almost EUR 30m

Ljubljana – The telecommunications provider Telemach has filed a lawsuit at the Ljubljana District Court against telecoms incumbent Telekom Slovenije over alleged violations of regulatory decisions, demanding the payment of EUR 28.796 million in damages with default interest from 1 June until payment.