Economy of the European Union

Romania receives 24.67 billion euros from EU and pays 10.2 billion euros after accession

Romania received from the European Union (EU) budget 24.67 billion euros since the accession in 2007 until the end of the first semester of 2014 and paid to the EU 10.2 billion euros in the same period, the flow balance being in Romania's favour with 14.46 billion euros, according to the Report on the economic and budget situation on the first six months of 2014 drawn up by the Pu

Bulgarians 'Most Detached from EU' - Eurobarometer

Bulgaria is one of just three EU member states where over 50 percent of people do not feel like European citizens, a Eurobarometer survey has shown.

About 53% of Bulgarians, 50% of Italians and 51% of Greeks do not regard themselves as having an EU identity, according to a message on the European Commission's website.