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Serbia "step away" from using EU funds for agriculture

Serbia "step away" from using EU funds for agriculture

BRUSSELS -- Serbia is a step away from the possibility of using the EU agriculture and rural development funds which in the first phase amount to EUR 11mn annually.

This is according to Serbia's chief negotiator with the EU Tanja Miščević, who spoke on Monday.

Draft ESRP ready for debate

BELGRADE - The Serbian government's team for social inclusion and poverty reduction, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy and the Office for Cooperation with the Civil Society called on all interested organizations to submit comments on the draft of the first part of the Employment and Social Reform Program (ESRP) until March 26.

Ministerial responsibility

Members of Parliament who may be considering voting against the proposed bill outlining the likely deal between the coalition government and the country’s partners and creditors – the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – ought to properly consider the effects that their decision could have.

ECB funding to Greek banks drops at end-Jan

European Central Bank funding to Greek banks dropped by 2.5 billion euros to 60.72 billion euros at end-January from the previous month, the Bank of Greece said on Friday.

Emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) from the Greek central bank, by contrast, rose in the same period, to 10.12 billion euros from 9.79 billion, the figures showed.