Economy of the European Union

Bulgaria Grants Humanitarian Aid of € 200,000 to Tackle Migration

The decision was approved by the Council of Ministers, writes NOVA TV. 

Bulgaria will provide humanitarian aid of € 200,000 to tackle migration. This will happen after an agreement is signed between the European Economic Bank and the government. The decision was approved by the Council of Ministers, the government information service said.

EIB supports women and young people at work

The European Investment Bank announced on Tuesday it will work with Greece's systematic banks to provide 500 million euros' worth of loans for new business investment in the country, including dedicated financing for companies across the country that actively support youth employment and the empowerment of women in the workplace.

Editorial: First the reforms, then the changes

It is evident from a series of public statements that the new government is viewed positively by the representatives of Greece's creditors and European partners as they expect better cooperation and more steadfast reform policies.

Nevertheless, the first positive signals do mean that creditors are prepared to change the basic targets of economic policy.

Finance minister says main goal is higher rates of economic growth

Greece's new conservative government will seek to speed up economic growth and maintain healthy public finances, the country's Finance Minister Christos Staikouras told an economic conference on Tuesday.
"Our central strategic goal is the expansion of the economy at higher rates, with healthy public finances and a steady banking sector," the minister said.


Greece announces bond issue, first under new government

Authorities in Greece say the country is planning tap financial markets with the issue of a 7-year bond, the first under the new conservative government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mistotakis.
In a notice released Monday, Greece's Public Debt Management Agency named banks in charge of managing the auction. PDMA announcements are typically made on the eve of the auction.