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Volkswagen Delays the Decision for the Turkey Plant Once Again

German car giant Volkswagen will delay the decision to build a new plant in Turkey for the second time, MIA reports.

The agency cites an anonymous source in the British media, according to which the

"We still have time and can certainly do that decision by mid-year," said the source, who is familiar with VW's discussions.

Volkswagen Managers Are Being Investigated for Giving Excessively High Salaries to Certain Employees

German prosecutors say they have charged four current and former personnel managers at Volkswagen executives of providing excessive salaries and bonuses to several members of the employee council.

The action benefited five council members, which cost the car giant about $ 5.1 million in overpayments, prosecutors said.

Carbon Tracker Initiative sees losses for PPC

The think tank Carbon Tracker Initiative reported on Thursday that four in five coal plants in the European Union were unprofitable and utilities faced losses of nearly 6.6 billion euros this year.
German utility RWE faces the biggest losses this year, of 975 million euros, which is 6 percent of its market capitalization, according to the report.

German Edition: Volkswagen Postpones Decision to Build Factory in Turkey

The Volkswagen car group has postponed its final decision to build a car plant in Turkey amid international criticism of the country's military operation in northern Syria and concerns about potential reputational fallout, Handelsblatt reported on late on Monday.