Economy of Greece

ATHEX: Positive start to the new year

The Greek stock market opened the new year with another eight-month high on Monday, even if trading was a fraction of its usual size, due to the festive season and the fact that Wall Street was closed.

The positive mood prevailed throughout the day at Athinon Avenue, with banks leading the way up and rising stocks outnumbering falling ones by a ratio of more than five-to-three.

What analysts believe about possible recession in Greece during an election year

Barring extreme scenarios, the Greek economy is not expected to enter a recession in 2023. Or will it? For Greece, numerous analyses predict that in 2023 a strong growth of around 6% will be recorded, and for 2023 close to 2%, while the Eurozone and Germany are entering recession. Recently, there is a major outlook revision for the Eurozone economy.

Morgan Stanley: Greece will have the best performance in the Eurozone

Morgan Stanley maintains a "constructive" stance on the Greek economy, expecting a further drop in GGBs and an outperformance of Greek shares compared to the rest of Europe. At the same time, Morgan Stanley is proceeding to upgrade the targets for the shares and the profitability of Greek banks.

Editorial: An error of history

Over the last two years, after the great trial of the pandemic, Greece was gradually showing signs of recovery and of the restructuring of its forces.

The Greek economy, despite the post-pandemic difficulties and the additional problems piled up by Russia's war against Ukraine, appeared to retain its dynamism and a strong desire for a restructuring and change of its productive model.

UBS: Growth in Greece to reach 5.7% in 2022 and 4% in 2023

Swiss bank UBS proceeded to an upward revision of the growth for Greece to 5.7% this year, from 4% which was the previous forecast, mainly as a result of the strong impact of tourism, also foreseeing that in 2023 the growth rate of the GDP will reach 4% (from 4.7% which was the previous estimate).

Economist Intelligence Unit: Greek economy growth in 2022 at 4%

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) maintained its forecast for the growth of the Greek economy unchanged at 4% in 2022, although it revised the corresponding estimates for the global and European economy downwards, in the shadow of the war in Ukraine and the galloping inflation in food and energy prices.

Dimand: Marianna Latsi and George Elliott (Orasis) are new shareholders

Latsco Hellenic Holdings (the family office of Marianna Latsi) and Orasis (the fund of George Elliott) will invest about 25 million euros in Dimand as cornerstone investors, acquiring a total of 8.92% of the company after the increase of share capital and while the company will now be listed on the Stock Exchange.

Greek Stats Authority sees inflation close to 12% will announce GDP performance

As the government measures its fiscal stance to announce new consumer-intervention measures, a week of revelations is coming starting tomorrow, both on the inflation front and on GDP. The financial staff expects to see the impact on the economy from the high levels of inflation in the economy and revenue.