Economy of Greece

ATHEX: Bourse grows 4.5% in one day

World markets were upbeat on Tuesday, following the announcement of bolstering measures by the central banks of the US and Japan, while expectations for an economic rebound starting in the second half of the year added to global stocks' upward swing. In Greece, Athinon Avenue enjoyed a day of significant gains that rose over the course of the day across the board.

ATHEX: Third day of stock losses

The Fed's {decision on Wednesday to hold the key US interest rates unchanged inflicted losses on most European stock markets on Thursday; the Greek bourse followed suit, with its benchmark heading south for the third day in a row, on the lowest daily turnover in 11 sessions.

Gloomy outlook for households

Two in every three households in Greece are in a worse financial state compared to six months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic's impact on the economy, according to a survey by Intrum.

Greece's 67% rate - matching Romania's - was the highest of the 24 countries that researchers at the Sweden-based credit management services company surveyed, far above the European average of 48%.

Huge interest in bond issue

The Greek state is expanding its cash reserves by 3 billion euros - to be used for battling the new crisis stemming from the coronavirus pandemic and to support the Finance Ministry's fiscal measures - after Tuesday's 10-year bond issue; in terms of the amount drawn, this was the biggest since 2017, when Greece had also raised €3 billion, through a five-year bond issue.